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a little about me

My name is Baylee Wall (Dennis), & I am a Natural Light Wedding + Portrait Photographer

If I can tell your love story back to you through photographs, that's enough for me ❀️

Based out of Vancouver, Wa / Portland, Or area but ALWAYS down to travel!

Making art has been my muse for as long as I can remember. When I'm having a great day, I take pictures. When I'm having a bad day, I take more pictures. I love showing my perspective on people, places & things, & just as much, I love being inspired by others doing the same! I'm a people person, and chances are we will become friends come your Wedding Day!

   Photography has touched my heart more times than I could ever count. So many beautiful, heartfelt & sometimes painful memories I've been able to relive through photographs. I'm humbled to be able to offer this service to others in my career, helping relive moments through pictures. From shooting madly in love couples on their wedding day, & witnessing 1st hand their 'I'm going to love you forever' eyes. To the rural villages of Haiti where I got to meet & photograph so many beautiful children, seeing their faces light up when they see what they look like on camera for the first time. To having the privilege of photographing a military memorial service for a fallen soldier..watching his wife, daughter, & troop lift him up in spirit & honor his life given for his country. 

Recently married to a hunky Canadian named Tyler!

 Family | Chloe our Pug | Road Tripper | Adrenaline rush Chaser


Photo by Noelle Johnson

Photo by Noelle Johnson

First Jump

Photo by Karra Leigh Photography

Photo by Karra Leigh Photography

Photo by Husband (Tyler Wall)

Photo by Kayla Sprint

Photo by Kayla Sprint

Photo by Kenzie B Photography